Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Week of March 20th - 24th

This week is largely devoted to the continued writing of my book.  On Wednesday or Thursday I plan to finish out one of two final encounter maps for that project and I will probably post it up here.

With so much of my time this week concentrated specifically upon writing I am not sure where that will leave the blog.  Probably a little quieter than I have been over the last month.

I would like to do a new vlog entry which I will share here.  In it I will discuss some of the plot hooks in the adventure I am working on.  This will mean spoilers for any players who might decide to play through this adventure.  No direct spoilers of the two adventures included in the book itself, just on personalities and back story / history information.

The book will run at eight chapters with two and possibly three appendix sections when it is complete.  It will contain many encounters and two full and very different types of adventure.

I hope to run some people through parts of the adventures in the book during the month of June with the goal in mind of seeing it released into the wild by late July.

I am not sure of the final page count.  I will be breaking the project into different pieces to put it in front of some friends for editing and review.  Likely no one will get handed more than fifty pages of the thing and it might well come in at around a hundred and fifty pages in total when everything is said and done.

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